Rack Labeling Solution for Party Rental Agency in Texas

A new client from Texas came to us for consultation, asking simply, “How is Rack Labeling important to us and our future?”

Without a sufficient labeling system, navigating warehouses and storage centers can be extremely difficult. Operating them cost-effectively and efficiently is impossible. With seemingly endless rows with racks and racks of products—many of which are packed in boxes or tubs with little to no identifying text—finding what you need is impossible without help. An intuitive labeling system makes it all possible. Looking for a way to make your warehouse more manageable? Building a guiding system is the most important thing businesses can do to maximize warehouse efficiency and thus, increase profitability. The easiest and best way to create an easy-to-follow navigation system is by using rack labels and signs. These rack labels allow workers to build a system that makes sense, then standardize that system so that workers can use it indefinitely. Of all the ways to improve efficiency and prevent waste like lost time, rack labeling is the best, quickest, and most cost-effective way to manage your inventory storage space. Locating items becomes a walk in the park. Once a system is in place, workers need only to look at the rack labels to find the product they need. Rack Labels improve efficiency in inventory management. The labels make it easier to capture data, which decreases human error and wasted time. Automating data capture allows warehouse operators to have a better understanding of their inventory, which means they can better improve inventory flow and eliminate bottlenecks.

The client was extremely satisfied with our presentation. Today, this party rental agency is the largest in its industry. They can tell you where every item within their inventory is…down to a fork. This would not have been possible just 5 years ago.