Floor Marker Labels for Large Warehouse in Fontana, CA

A long-time client and operator of a warehouse in Fontana, CA requested we come up with a solution within their facility.  Their BULK Warehouse Section contained pallets of goods and could not utilize rack labels or long-range signage.  This happens in large warehouses where racks are not utilized due to the storage of large bulk items and conduit, etc. is not present to affix long-range signage.  A concern of the client when we recommended a floor marker solution pertained to the bulkiness of the older metal floor marker frames and the constant running them over with their fork trucks. Our floor marker solution is designed to withstand exposure to forklifts, scrubbers (high temperatures due to friction), and heavy traffic.  Our floor label (patent pending) is the most durable floor marker available today.  Tested and utilized by industry leaders.  The Adhesive-Backed Warehouse Floor Label saves hours in installation time and expense. Its specially formulated pressure-sensitive backing makes installation easy and cost-effective. These are currently being used by some of the most advanced warehouses in the world.  Floor markers help workers easily locate aisles and locations. Par Code’s Floor Markers are essential in adding effectiveness and efficiency to the warehouse and as a result, the client was very pleased.