Parcode Saves Small Business Hundreds of Label Installation Hours

A client came to us after a bad experience a few years prior to having gone to a competitor of ours. They are a small business with limited resources. A warehouse re-labeling project can be overwhelming and expensive if not dealt with properly. In this instance, the labels and signage INSTALLATION aspect of a label project can be very expensive as compared to the labels and signage costs alone. Having understood their main challenge from the start, changed their experience altogether. A simple suggestion regarding the layout of the data within their facility saved the client hundreds of installation hours. How the data is supplied and listed is how the data is printed and supplied back to the client. From experience, it is much more efficient when labeling to label each aisle at the same level before moving upward to the next level. Hence, the data needs to be sorted by level within each aisle…Aisle, Level, Bay, Position. One of the most common errors the programmers make when providing their data listing is sorting the data by Bay…Aisle, Bay, Level, Position. This simple error costs the company countless installation hours. Not ideal for anyone, let alone small businesses.

The client was so very pleased with how this experience turned out and thus, will no longer approach future rack re-labeling projects with reluctance.