Parcode Helps Client Become UID compliant

A client came to us with the task of making certain they were UID compliant with little knowledge of how to go about this and what it means.

What is UID?

UID is the acronym for “Unique Item Identification”. UID is a Department of Defense mandate that requires a globally unique item identifier/number on certain items being shipped to the government. The identifier allows the particular item to be tracked throughout its lifecycle. UID is the set of data for tangible assets that is globally unique and unambiguous, ensures data integrity and data quality throughout life, and supports multi-faceted business applications and users.

How Does UID Affect You?

All Department of Defense contractors, suppliers, and agencies are now required to mark QUALIFYING items with a unique item identifier. In addition, the contractors, suppliers, and agencies are to register those items with the UID Registry. This includes end-item deliverables, legacy items, and newly requisitioned government-furnished property in possession of contractors.

What is a Qualifying Item?

An item must be uniquely identified if…

  1. The acquisition cost is $5,000 or more.
  2. The item is either serially managed, mission essential or a controlled inventory piece of equipment, a repairable item, or a consumable item or material where permanent identification is required.
  3. It is a component of a delivered item, and the program manager has determined that unique identification is required, or…
  4. A UID or a DoD-recognized UID equivalent is available.

What Are The Benefits of Incorporating UID?

  1. Increase business intelligence
  2. Achieve clean audit opinion
  3. Increase systems/equipment operational availability
  4. Lower costs of managing and ownership of assets
  5. Lower asset management infrastructure costs

How Do You Achieve UID Compliance?

Achieving UID compliance is simple using identification products that are not only designed to last the lifetime of the item (as specified in the UID mandate), but are also guaranteed to verify to the required print quality standards.

Complete compliance is not achieved, however, until the information contained in the UID is sent to the UID Registry.

In summary…allow Par Code to make certain You are UID compliant. That is exactly what this client did and they were extremely satisfied in having done so!