Bulk Signage Project for a Distribution Center in NY

A Distribution Center in NY came to us with a large Bulk Signage Project. A concern of theirs was the ability of those on the floor to be able to scan the Bulk Signage not just from varying distances (upwards of 30 feet plus), but also from varying angles. They were very pleased with our understanding of their concern. After a quick site review, we were able to present our varying sign options…all similar in format with varying flap angles and styles…necessary in allowing those on the floor to scan easily and efficiently. The inability for those on the floor to stand back as opposed to those having wider aisles requires less of a flap angle. Signage being hung from conduit as opposed to chains. Important details which require minor fabrication adjustments which are vital in achieving 100% read/scan rates.

This client was very pleased with our understanding and more so with our solutions.