Long-Range Label Scanning Solution for Ohio Distribution Center

A client came to us with the inability to scan long range within their Regional Distribution Center in Ohio, but needed to reach upwards of 5 levels at 20 feet.


Incorporate Totem Pole Labeling.

This method of labeling offers a creative solution for tightly packed, upper rack positions by bringing the location/rack label barcodes for upper racks down to the ground level. The Totem Pole approach allows barcodes to be stacked and placed on a vertical post or a horizontal beam in an easy-to-scan location. In this instance, instead of using a vertical post, we took advantage of the clean and flat horizontal beam which was available and created a horizontal totem label incorporating staggered barcode fields and a unique color per level. The staggered approach to laying out the BC fields helps to avoid potential scanning issues.


The client was extremely satisfied with this effective and efficient resolution.