Warehouse Signage


Custom Designed signs to meet your needs. Aisle and door identification should no longer be an issue with our customized signs. You are only limited by your own design. Adding a polyester or retro-reflective barcode label can be added for scanning convenience.


ParCode’s Warehouse Floor Marker…

Designed to withstand the harshest of environments.  10 mil construction is composed of three carefully selected materials which provide…

– the most aggressive high tack adhesive

– ideal print quality 

– The highest quality 3M slip resistant over-laminate which is ideal and designed for warehouse floor applications.  

ParCode’s Floor Markers are essential in additing effectiveness and efficiency to your warehouse.  Designed to withstand exposure to forklifts, scrubbers (high temperatures due to friction), and heavy traffic.  Our floor label (patent pending) is the most durable floor marker available today.  Tested and utilized by industry leaders.  The Adhesive-Backed Warehouse Floor Label saves hours in installation time and expense. Its specially formulated pressure sensitive backing makes installation as easy and cost effective. These are currently being used by some of the most advanced warehouses in the world.

For really tough applications we would supply steel frames that can be screwed into the cement which really create a permanent fix. This is a little “old school”, but has absolutely been proven effective.


If locations are constantly changing within your warehouse, and additions are periodically arising, a magnetic label may be the solution for you. All magnetic labels are custom made, and thus, you are not restricted in any way. Magnets can be applied in freezer environments and work well in warehouse environments on either vertical beams, or horizontal steel racks. In most circumstances Laminated Polyester or Retro-Reflective bar code labels are applied to magnetic material