Warehouse Accessories Labels


Whatever your warehousing needs and regardless of the obstacles which must be overcome…Par Code Symbology will assist in making your bar code label integration as effective and efficient as possible. For a quality product and service, while reaping the benefit of an immediate turnaround, Par Code is your bar coding answer!

For in excess of 25 years, Par Code has been supplying the Bar Code community with quality labels and dependable service…second to none! This experience will help us better serve you. Par Code understands that in most instances, the general public is completely new to Bar Coding and the benefits associated with this technology. Our experience helps in making your ordering process seem effortless. Regardless of whether you are a warehouse aficionado or a first time project manager…PAR CODE SYMBOLOGY, INC. will assist you in implementing the perfect label into your existing system. Feel free to take advantage of one of our Bar Coding Experts for assistance…FREE of charge

Rack and Bin Location Labels

Rack and Bin location labels are utilized to identify and track specific locations within your facility. All labels are custom made, and thus, you are not restricted in any way in terms of size, color, graphics, etc. Made of either laminated polyester or laminated retro-reflective material, depending upon the desired scan distance you are looking to achieve. Warehouse Rack Labels are more cost effective than an aluminum label yet more durable and longer lasting than typical paper labels. Graphic elements may be added to eliminate confusion and improve functionality. Permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive provides lifetime adherence. Par Code’s Multi-Level System (Vertically Stacked or Horizontal) can eliminate the need for long range scanning and is designed to eliminate the confusion of which rack to scan. We design each label for your application. By considering your inventory system, scanner type, scanning distance and angle, and mounting method, we assure that you will receive the highest value label solution.

Retro-Reflective Labels

Retro-reflective – Do you have long range scanning requirements? Would you like to improve the effectiveness and efficiency levels within your warehouse? If so, utilizing 3M’s retro-reflective material (12 mil construction…a durable retro- reflective substrate with permanent acrylic adhesive) alone will improve your scanning capabilities. And better yet, your scanning capabilities will be improved using your existing data collection equipment. Long Range Scannable Retro-Reflective Labels are extremely durable and dependable. The label is designed to reach scanning distances up to 30 feet with long-range scanners; these label systems provide the ultimate in functionality.

Single-Sided Placards

Our Single-Sided Placards equipped with Retro-Reflective labels are available with a special design that allows upper level rack labels to be scanned from floor level. Our system is designed to Zip Tie to conduit, mount directly to existing shelving, or mechanically mount to any existing fixture. 45 degree angled sides provide the proper scanning angle.

Double-Sided Placards

Our Double-Sided Placards equipped with Retro-Reflective labels are designed to hang from a chain or attach to either suspended wire or existing conduit. Angled (45 degree) sides provide the proper scanning angle. The label system is designed to reach scanning distances up to 30 feet with long-range scanners. Par Code will design each label for your application by considering your inventory/warehouse management system, scanner type, desired scanning distance and angle, mounting method, and budget. We guarantee that our long-range retro-reflective barcode labels will improve your facilities effectiveness and efficiency.Typical Placard Applications include, but are not limited to the following: Ceilings, Floors, Loading Dock Doors, ForkLift or Truck Identification.

Magnetic Bar Code Labels

If locations are constantly changing within your warehouse, and additions are periodically arising, a magnetic label may be the solution for you. All magnetic labels are custom made, and thus, you are not restricted in any way. Magnets can be applied in freezer environments and work well in warehouse environments on either vertical beams, or horizontal steel racks. In most circumstances Laminated Polyester or Retro-Reflective bar code labels are applied to magnetic material.

Pallet Labels

Also known as license plate labels; these pallet tracking labels are durable and dependent. Equipped with a very aggressive adhesive, all pallets will be tracked from entry to exit. Various formats are available.

Floor Tags

ParCode’s Warehouse Floor Marker…

Designed to withstand the harshest of environments.  10 mil construction is composed of three carefully selected materials which provide…

– the most aggressive high tack adhesive

– ideal print quality 

– The highest quality 3M slip resistant over-laminate which is ideal and designed for warehouse floor applications.  

ParCode’s Floor Markers are essential in additing effectiveness and efficiency to your warehouse.  Designed to withstand exposure to forklifts, scrubbers (high temperatures due to friction), and heavy traffic.  Our floor label (patent pending) is the most durable floor marker available today.  Tested and utilized by industry leaders.  The Adhesive-Backed Warehouse Floor Label saves hours in installation time and expense. Its specially formulated pressure sensitive backing makes installation as easy and cost effective. These are currently being used by some of the most advanced warehouses in the world.

For really tough applications we would supply steel frames that can be screwed into the cement which really create a permanent fix. This is a little “old school”, but has absolutely been proven effective.