Frequently Asked Questions

There is a high level of customization involved in the production of warehouse labels. Par Code wants to provide You, the customer, exactly what You desire. Your options include, but are not limited to size, text color, layout, encoded data, etc. Also, in most instances, the data utilized in the production process is provided to us within an electronic file. This data provides Par Code with a layout of your warehouse. One of Par Code’s expert sales representatives will take you through the entire process.

To begin, we have seen other companies charge as much, if not more for 100 labels as Par Code charges for 1000 labels. If desired, for stock items, less than 1000 labels can be purchased, but there will be a minimum charge which must be met. If your entire order exceeds 1000 labels, you can have sequences of less than 1000 labels, but for each sequence there will be a entry charge of $2.50 per sequence of less than 1000 labels.

To begin, please note that regardless of the material type chosen, all of our labels contain a permanent (extremely aggressive) adhesive. The best way to determine the material type is to consider the environment of where the labels will be applied. Please see our attached Environment Type chart for additional assistance.

Par Code takes pride in customer service and delivery. We understand that it is sometimes critical to receive your labels as quickly as possible. Please refer to the following chart to determine average production time. Please note, times may vary depending on quantity, non-standard sizes, etc.

  • » Military Shipping Labels
  • » Logmars Labels
  • » Asset I.D., Tamper Evident Labels
  • » Warehouse Labels
  • » Military Shipping Labels
  • » Logmars Labels
  • » Asset I.D., Tamper Evident Labels
  • » Warehouse Labels

Customization is inclusive of color and logo set-ups. For a small fee to be determined at the time of receipt of artwork Par Code has the ability to include your company’s logo on the asset label.

A UPC is a 12-Digit Bar Code Pattern adopted by the U.S. Grocery and Retail Industries. The first portion is comprised of the Manufacturer’s Number assigned by the Uniform Code Council. The next portion, up to the 11th digit, identifies the product. The last digit is a computer generated check digit. The Check Digit is calculated by a formula of adding and multiplying the previous 11 digits.

The first step involves registering with the Uniform Code Council (UCC). The Uniform Code Council assigns all manufacturer numbers. Once you have obtained a complete UPC Number, it is then you would contact Par Code Symbology to have either an electronic file of your UPC prepared, or to have UPC Labels printed.

Uniform Code Council (UCC)

8163 Old Yankee Road Suite J

Dayton, OH 45459

(937) 435-3870


Par Code Symbology has the ability to do either. We can prepare an Electronic File of your UPC which can be e-mailed to either you or your printer, or we can print UPC Labels and supply them to you on rolls.

The Following is pricing relative to Par Code providing printed UPC Labels…

Quantity Price/1000 Labels
1,000 – 4,999 $30
5,000 – 9,999 $20
10,000 + $15

There is a minimum order amount of $30 which must be met. Standard Sizes are 0.9″ (H) x 1.5″ (W) and 1.125″ (H) x 1.625″ (W). One line of text can be included on label at no extra charge.

The Following is pricing relative to Par Code providing an Electronic File containing your UPC…

Quantity Price/File
1- 3 $35
4 – 14 $30
15 – 99 $25