Environmental Types

Each and every one of Par Code Symbology’s Products is the result of sophisticated testing and development. It is through this research that Par Code has come to develop the very best Products…Products made of the best materials, adhesives, symbologies, and printing methods for every application.



…Least Expensive method of Bar Coding. Ideal for single use only on carton and form applications.


…General office conditions with average temperatures. Possible minor exposure to some chemicals and cleaning products exists.


…Indoor or general outdoor applications with moderate exposure to chemicals, cleaning solutions, and temperatures. Applications might include, but are not limited to Warehouse Control, and in-plant fixed assets.


…Represents the most extreme environmental conditions, including exposure to some or all of the following…abrasion, acidic conditions, solvents, and extreme temperatures (and temperature variations). Ideal for use within refineries, hospitals, and laboratories, manufacturing plants, etc.



Environmental Types…
Material Types… Par-Economical Par-Mild Par-Medium Par-X
Paper X
Laminated Paper X X
Par-Tuff (Kimdura) X X
Destructible Vinyl X X
Polyester X
Laminated Polyster X X
Drumcal X
Laminated Drumcal X X
Par-Void X
Laminated Retro-Reflective X